Zika Virus : Google and UNICEF Come Together To Tackle Virus And...

Zika Virus : Google and UNICEF Come Together To Tackle Virus And Map The Trend


Google has been a company which has been only eighteen years young in the markets. In this short span of time the company has managed to attain great heights and stands in the same league as the giants such as Microsoft and Apple.

Known for their impressive work in the world of technology, Google started off as a search engine and diversified into many profitable businesses, bringing all of them under the Alphabet banner last year.

Google started off as a search engine, and back then, the hardware markets were dominated by Apple and Microsoft was dominating the software industry. Google carved its own way forward by creating a whole new market – internet technology.

Google’s efforts have since led to many major developments, including several humanitarian causes too. The company has now joined hands with UNICEF and are looking forward to combat the threat that the Zika Virus has been imposing upon them.

Google has not been a new name in the world of such humanitarian activities, as the company has time and again geared up for such causes. Recently, Google employees were involved in helping the refugees, and the company later gave away some 25,000 chromebooks for them.

Zika Virus has been a rising threat in recent times and a large number of people have been affected by it. According to Google’s statistics, since the November of 2015, the search term ‘Zika Virus’ has seen a growth of 4000%

The World Health Organization too, has declared the Zika Virus a Public Health Emergency. Google has now donated a million dollars to UNICEF over the research for the treatment and eradication of the disease.

The company has started off a team of data scientists, designers and engineers, who would team up and create a map of the spread of the disease, trying to thereby correlate causes which might be leading to the spread of this disease. Climatic factors, population, and more will be taken into consideration over this.

Google announced it in their blog stating – “As a company whose mission is helping people find information, with a lot of experience in analyzing large sets of data, we’re in a good position to help—at scale and at speed.

So today we have Google engineers working with UNICEF to analyze data to determine how to map and anticipate the virus. We’ve also made some updates to our products to make Zika information more accessible, and we’re providing UNICEF with a $1 million grant to help their efforts on the ground.”