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YouTube Has the Perfect Solution to Remove Clickbait Video Thumbnails


YouTube is the world’s biggest video streaming platform and thousands of videos are being uploaded every day. YouTube is so popular nowadays that some people don’t even turn on their TV anymore since they can get all the entertainment they need directly from YouTube. The magic of YouTube is that all the uploaded content is user-based and this makes people who watch videos feel like they can interact with the content creators.

YouTube Clickbait

Nonetheless, many people make their living on YouTube and this is causing some problems. YouTube’s algorithm for placing videos on the trending page and in the recommendation tab is acting pretty weird and content creators are always looking for ways to “trick” it. One of those ways is by adding clickbait thumbnails images.

Every big YouTuber is using clickbait thumbnails and titles on videos in order to get more views than usual. On the downside of things, some YouTubers such as the infamous Ali-A who is a Fortnite content creator are using thumbnails that showcase items and things which never happen in the video itself. This is causing people to get annoyed, and it looks like YouTube has just the right solution for this issue.

Auto-Generated Thumbnails

YouTube is currently testing new software that is automatically generating video thumbnails. The software is still in the experiment phase and YouTube is only testing it on 0.3% of viewers. Hopefully, this feature is going to get rid of all those clickbait thumbnails which cause people to waste their time.

In addition, this is what YouTube had to say about the new software: “We are running a small experiment where 0.3% of viewers will see an auto-generated thumbnail, instead of your custom thumbnail. We are not removing the ability to create your custom thumbnail, but we hope to gain insights on auto-generated thumbnails for the future.”


  1. They look so bad, the idea is stupid because I don’t follow clickbait channels so I want to see what the video I’m about to watch is going to be about (whether it’s a makeup review or just a streamer’s lp. The thumbnails usually contain highlights from the video and make it more appealing) and I can’t believe I’m part of the 0.3% of people they’re testing this on, I should’ve tried for the lottery the day I found out lmao.

  2. I just sought out information on this after noticing some bizarre thumbnail choices and no clickbait. So thanks for writing about this! Some YouTubers are seriously getting screwed though, some aren’t even lucky enough to have themselves in it, and others who are look dumb. Hope they find a better solution, it seems unfair, and I hate having to read every title.

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