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You Can Now Install Android Apps and Games on your Computer


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Lots of users have asked this similar question. You have lots and lots of games and apps that Google Play Store gives you, for every category, from travel apps to reading apps, strategy games to guess-the-lyric kind of games. And they’re all great! But the problem is that they’re not all available for PC, most of them are only a match for your smartphone. And we’re all sure you’ve found a game that you really wanna play on your laptop, too.

You cannot get games from a different provider, other than the one who matches your operating system.

Android is an operating system launched by Google, designed for phones and tablets and you can get your apps or games from Google’s Play Store. When it comes to iOS, this is Apple’s operating system, which was designed for phones and tablets and which will only run apps and games from Apple’s Store. And then, when talking about Windows RT, that was made by Microsoft and it works on tablets, we’re talking about apps and games given only by Windows Store. It’s true though, some of the apps and games from Apple Store can be also found in the Google Store, but those games are only re-coded for the other operating systems.

So what should I do?

If you really want to play a particular game on the phone and on RT, you will have to contact the company which made it and ask them to code a Win RT version. Otherwise, you cannot get apps or games that run on Play Store for Windows RT.