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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A – Which One Deserves Your Money?


The thing that Xiaomi does best is its ability to somehow manage to combine premium smartphones with affordable prices. Although, this was to be expected since Chinese manufacturers have a reputation for creating entry-level smartphones that are packed with impressive specs.

Just look at Redmi Note 5A for example. This smartphone offers a high-end set of hardware specs and its still priced in the mid-range budget range.

Although, things are not looking good for Redmi Note 5A. Even though the smartphone was launched only a couple of months ago, Xiaomi is already getting ready to unveil a brand-new device which is going to make fans to replace their Note 5A with it. The device we are talking about is called Redmi Note 5 and today we are going to compare it against the 2017 Note 5A.


The Chinese smartphone manufacturer seems to believe that 5.50-inches is the perfect size for smartphones screen since Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5A are equipped with the same 5.50-inches panel.

Although, there is a major difference between them. The not-yet unveiled Redmi Note 5 features a full HD pixel resolution of 1080 x 1920 while Redmi Note 5A features a lower resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.

Processor and RAM

Xiaomi equipped Redmi Note 5 with one of Qualcomm’s highly impressive Snapdragon 630 processors and bundled it with 3GB of RAM. On the other hand, we have Redmi Note 5A which ships with a slower Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 CPU and only 2GB of RAM.

Final Thoughts

As we can clearly see, the upcoming Redmi Note 5 is going to completely overshadow Redmi Note 5A, at least in terms of specs. Therefore, Xiaomi fans who own a Redmi Note 5A should start putting some money away to replace their device with Redmi Note 5 when it comes out.