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Xender 4.1.2 Prime Update – Better Optimized UI and Fixed Known Bugs


It’s been almost a month since Xender has received its latest APK update, but now, the developers have decided to launch a new one! To make things even better, this is a major update which changes Xender’s version number to “4.1.2 Prime”. Today we are going to check out which are the changes that this new update brings and show Xender fans why they need to hurry up and download it.

Xender 4.1.2 Prime APK

The new update is available in the form of APK which means that Android users are the only ones who get to download it. All app developers release APK versions of their updates before rolling out to the wide public in order for eager fans to test out the new features ahead of everyone else. In addition, APK updates are not rolled out OTA (over the air) and fans need to download and install them manually.

UI (User Interface) Optimization

The first thing that is mentioned in the patch notes for this latest update is the fact that it optimizes the UI. While the update might not introduce any new features, a better optimized UI is always a welcomed changed. Therefore, Xender fans who want to make sure that they are using the best version of the app should make sure to get the new update.

Fixed Known Bugs

Even though Xender is a premium app, some bugs and issue still manage to breach the security. On the bright side of things, the app’s developers always fix these issues by releasing APK updates such as this one.

With that being said, Xender fans should be pleased to know that the app is going to offer a much better user experience after installing this latest APK because it removes a handful of known bugs and issues.


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