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Xbox One New Game Available to Cross-Play between PC, Xbox One & Switch


Microsoft has made the great announcement regarding cross-play between platforms at this year’s E3. That was when Minecraft was also added into the picture, allowing players to play across platforms. So, Xbox players can play with those that have their game on Nintendo Switch or on PC.

But right now, Sony hasn’t allowed cross play with any other console platform. Even though PlayStation players don’t get to enjoy this feature, the rest of the gamers around the world have been quite excited at the news.

Since the E3, there has been some content made available to cross-play between platforms and developers are working on adding more games.

The latest game to be announced on cross-play between PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One is Crazy Justice. Black Riddles, the developer announced the public that their third-person shooter will be available in 2018 for all platforms, including the PS4 and supporting cross-play support to all platforms except for the PS4.

After Black Riddles made the announcement, Phil Spencer – the Xbox boss – retweeted the official post to his followers.

Support Funding and Get Amazing Rewards

At the moment Crazy Justice has made a campaign on Fig for crowdfunding, that will give those who fund the game some investment opportunities and rewards such as getting their names in the Credits and Game Manual, badges, Steam early access, posters, DLCs, costumes, t-shirts, mugs and limited Fig characters and more, depending on how much money they want to send. The target is $30,000 with the funding being at $27,511 and still growing. The campaign will end in a few days, on 20 October.

For those interested in the cel-shaded Crazy Justice, check ‘crazyjustice’ on fig.co and see more information.

Phil Spencer announced that there have been some discussions with Sony on the cross-play matter, and that he’s not sure whether PlayStation will ever connect to the Xbox platform. Apparently, there are some important reasons behind Sony’s choice that will not make them change their minds.