Xbox One Finally Compatible With Dropbox

Xbox One Finally Compatible With Dropbox


The innovative software was created by two MIT students and it was launched to the public back in 2017. Dropbox basically offers users the option to storage files, documents and so on without occupying their own memory. The app comes quite in handy especially for big firms that tend send a lot of files via internet. Dropbox managed to gather a massive following in the past few years, right now boasting an active user base of over 500 million individual users that’s spread across all platforms.

The cloud storage service isn’t only used by big corporations and firms, regular people everywhere are using it. Usually, the service has been used on desktops or mobile devices but now, owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One are able to get their hands on it. The developers behind Dropbox created an Xbox One app that works hand in hand with Microsoft’s already existing OneDrive. The console version of Dropbox was launched on December 11th and console gamers can finally sync up their game video or stored files directly from the consoles, thus saving up console storage space which is very important because consoles only come in 500GB and 1TB storage space.

The app also comes with Kinect functionality and it automatically uploads all the Kinect photos and in-game screenshots that the player took during his play session. Regarding functionality, the app is also compatible with different external storage units such as hard drives, USB or other Microsoft apps. Gamers should be glad to know that Dropbox will instantly save all the game footage capture using Xbox One’s DVR features. What’s great about the new Dropbox app is that’s entirely free and everyone can download it.


  1. A question I would raise about this software is whether it is possible to download (copy) an item from a Dropbox folder to a USB storage device like a USB memory key? A use case for this would be to copy photos you want printed to a USB memory key to take to a digital print shop.

  2. So yeah. If you wanted to access your Dropbox files (like pictures or movies) on your Xbox One, you can now do that.

    You sound mildly bemused, as if Chromecast is not universally appreciated among the members of certain primitive cultures… /s

    For what it’s worth, Xbox users have been using OneDrive for this for a while, and Dropbox presumably felt there was enough interest in this scenario to warrant an Xbox app of their own. So yeah, access to private cloud-hosted media is a thing for some

  3. I used Dropbox for like 4 years straight from high school into college. I had like 100GB of free space because I bought an HTC phone (some strange promotion they were doing). Then after that, they took away all my space and I was stuck with 5GB unless I wanted to pay a subscription. Haven’t used it since then.