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Xbox One 1710 Update Brings Exciting Features


A new Xbox One update is expected in October of this year and the features announced so far are very exciting. The update for the beloved game console is said to bring elements of Fluent Design, along with a new guide and a redesigned home screen.

The 1710 Xbox One update

So far the update is being tested on the Xbox Insider Program and the alpha and beta rings received most of the new features. Very promising are the screen saver features, which will be going live on Alpha ring pretty soon. Even if some already categorized the new screen saver features as not out of the ordinary, it sure is nice to enjoy others rather than the basic screen saver feature set. Gamers will also be allowed to set specific time intervals for the screen to go dark and the new screen savers include the time.

Word is that the new screen saver will also include new animations and image slide shows of the user’s favorite games or screenshots. And perhaps the most exciting rumor yet is the possibility that the Windows Spotlight feature will be available. So far, Windows Spotlight is available on Windows 10 lock screen and it takes photos from Bing’s front page.

Notifications on the new screen saver feature

The notifications will be displayed in a larger font o as to catch the user’s eye when they are doing something else around the house. The notifications will also be easy to activate: by using the Y button of the Xbox controller. Another bonus is that the idle notifications will also appear to the user’s smartphone, when he/she is away from the TV.

It will also be possible to activate the screen saver from the Xbox menu button on the controller: hold the Xbox button and then press X.