“Windows 10 S” Changes From New OS To Upgrade, Says Microsoft

Microsoft had announced Windows 10 S last year, the new version of Windows 10 which was meant to compete with Google’s own operating system, Chrome OS. Although it was initally announced as a version dedicated to those clients in the educational domain, there have been recent reports that Microsoft might instead add an “S Mode” to Windows 10 Home, Enterprise, and Pro.

This would imply doing away with Windows 10 S as a separate operating system, and Microsoft has confirmed that this is how they will be proceeding. Microsoft has certified that they are giving up Windows 10 S as an independent iteration of its platform and will instead offer an “S Mode” in already-existing versions, starting next year.

The confirmation arrived on Twitter from the Microsoft Vicepresident, Joe Belfiore. Belfiore declared that Windows 10 S will be a new mode of the pre-existing versions of next year’s operating systems and definitely not a “distinct version”.

This is the official confirmation that the official version of Windows 10 S as an isolated OS is being abandoned. Previous reports indicate the fact that S Mode will simply block a copy of Windows 10, such as it will only be capable of installing apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, which Windows 10 S was announced to do.

With all that being said, the reports also noted that, even though the company would allow users to deactivate S Mode for free, Microsoft would however levy $49 from the users of Windows 10 Pro if they wished to deactivate this mode and access the complete version.

In Belfiore’s official blog post, that rumor has been debunked: “If a customer does want to switch out of S mode, they will be able to do so at no charge, regardless of edition.” That should clear up any confusion around unlocking the full version of Windows, and now it is up to PC makers to decide whether to sell machines with S Mode enabled or not.

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