Microsoft has been a company which has been progressing at a really rapid pace. The company has been growing faster than ever before, and many technological revolutions have been coming out with the help of the windows based devices.

Microsoft has been doing an exceptional job at coming out with these updates and upgrades and has been changing the market trends with them. The company announced the Windows 10 OS in 2014, and released it last year to a great response from the public.

Despite a few odd controversies about them ‘forcing’ the update, all has been good for Microsoft. All but their Windows 10 Mobile division. The Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Update is expected to help them push forward.

Microsoft has been trying their best to get more and more users on the Windows 10 Mobile platform, but their efforts have been going in vain as the public response for the Windows 10 Mobile OS has not been that good in general.

Users of the Windows 10 Devices are now going to get a major update, which is being called the ‘Redstone’ update, where a few new features and several security fixes will be introduced.

However what has been catching our attention the most here is the ‘Audio Rerouting’ functionality. This has been seen in the latest internal build of the Windows 10 Mobile Redstone update.

The Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Update is going to come out with this new feature which allows where the sound from a call, or video is going to be routed to.

It brings much greater ease in transferring audio from a phone call to a Bluetooth speaker or other such devices.

This new update is also appreciated for its attention for detail, as what it does is, that as soon as a user moves his phone away from his ear while he is on a conversation, the phone will automatically turn the speaker phone on. The setting can however, be enabled or disabled based on the user’s preferences.

The Windows 10 Mobile Redstone update is expected to reach the users by the end of April or Early may, and many other features are expected to be a part of this update.

Microsoft has recently rolled out the Windows 10 Mobile update for several of their Lumia devices, and this Windows 10 Mobile Redstone update is expected to cheer things up for the users.