Win a Free Gear VR while buying a Premium Samsung Smartphone

Win a Free Gear VR while buying a Premium Samsung Smartphone


We all know by now that virtual reality has proven to be the next best thing in technology. As such, there is no wonder that Samsung, one of the first companies that created VR headsets, is now bringing VR based on mobiles now. In fact, they have recently released a promo that offers free VR headsets to whoever buys a premium smartphone from the Galaxy series.

This category is made up of the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and the Note 5. Moreover, the company announced that the Gear VR will be complete with 6 games available on the Oculus store for free, which has made people really curious and anxious to enjoy the offer. Fans of Samsung might know that at the time when you could preorder the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge phones you also received a free Gear VR. But the surprising fact is that they are now offering this surprise to devices that were launched last year too.

More than that, people will receive 6 games for free, which did not happen in the preorder period. In order to enjoy this offer, you will have to buy one of the phones mentioned above until June 19th, register it on the special page they have on their website and then you will receive a Gear VR.

Moreover, you will be able to claim the offer until June 30th, if you present, of course, a valid receipt to attest the purchase. Sadly, there are only 600,000 headsets that are available for the offer. In case there are more requests than this number, Samsung will offer their users a gift certificate of $100. Of course, this is not as exciting as a VR set, but it’s still free!