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WhatsApp Bomb Messages Crashes Android and iOS Smartphones – Beware!


WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app because of the premium features that it offers. However, there is a downside about WhatsApp. There are hundreds of scammers who are looking to make a profit or to simply mess with people’s smartphones for no good reason. WhatsApp users need to be on the lookout for scams every time they open the app, but a new “message bomb” is taking things to the next level.

WhatsApp Message Bomb

Message bombs are bugs which are being forwarded via messages. These messages contain some sort of text such as a clickbait title that’s designed to make people click on it. The bad thing about message bombs is that they crash the user’s smartphone after the user clicked on the message.

These messages are specially crafted to include symbols in between spaces hidden in a simple text which expands when tapped on. The symbols then overload the app itself and crash it. However, a new WhatsApp message bomb is so powerful that it crashes even the operating system.

Black Dot

The new message bomb that’s plaguing WhatsApp comes in form of a black dot. Therefore, WhatsApp users should make sure not to click on any sort of weird looking messages they receive, especially if it’s a simple black dot.

The Community is Outraged

Even though this bug is a new and it hasn’t been going around for that long, the Android and iOS WhatsApp community is outraged. Despite the two communities posting reports about this issue, the developers have yet to acknowledge the black dot message bomb or to provide users with a fix.

Let’s hope the developers read the feedback they are receiving and move quickly to remove this message bomb before it becomes widespread and more WhatsApp users have their smartphone’s operating system crash.