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What’s on the Center of Our Galaxy?


For now, a journey into the center of the galaxy cannot be made, and even if it could, it would not be a great idea. Fortunately, the center of the galaxy can be seen from a distance.

From the analysis so far, it has been seen that the core of the Milky Way is a very hospitable place. In 1997, a team of scholars made a bizarre breakthrough: An antimatter that “swells” into an invisible sphere in the center of the galaxy, writes Curiosity.

This sphere amounts to 3,500 light-years above the galaxy’s disk. Antimatter, as is well known today, can not be seen with current methods, and is the opposite version of matter we all know. When a particle of matter and an antimatter come into contact, the two are annihilated, resulting in energy release and gamma waves that can be observed.

The presence of anti-matter in the center of the galaxy is not a mystery for researchers. “The distribution of gamma waves is in line with current models”, said physicist Richard Lingenfelter.


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