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What Are the Most Anticipated Games For Japanese Gamers?


Famitsu is one of the most popular Japanese video game magazines, read by almost all Japanese gamers. Regularly, Famitsu releases a list of the most anticipated games, based on the readers’ votes. These lists can help us anticipate what the future gaming hits will be and they are also a good indicator for the companies producing the games.

The top 10 list based on the votes cast between August 3 and August 9 shows the most highly anticipated games. Let’s take a look at the charts.

Top 10 most anticipated games

We can see Fire Emblem Warriors in the tenth position, with 249 votes, nine votes away from number nine. City Shrouded in Shadow managed to win those nine votes.

Kingdom Hearts III and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon are also ranked highly, at fifth place and sixth place.

The second and the third place are very close to each other. Super Mario Odyssey is at number three, with 538 votes, and Monster Hunter World is in the second position, surpassing Super Mario Odyssey with just one vote.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in the first place, with a big number of votes: 716. The game is a remake of the 1997 therefore many 90’s kids eagerly await it.

According to this list, the most anticipated games are usually part of a franchise. That makes sense, gamers get more excited for a game that continues the story of something they already played and liked; and it is harder for new games to make it on the market unless they are produced by a big video game design company. Therefore, it is not really a surprise that most of the games on the list come from Nintendo or Square Enix.