Vive Base Station in the Last Quarter of 2017

Vive Base Station in the Last Quarter of 2017


A lot of interesting announcements were made last year at the Steam Dev Days where Valve announced a new and improved design for their Vive Base Station. The device plays a crucial part in tracking the VR headset and the guys from Valve have announced that their new Base Station is going to receive a significant upgrade by the end of this year.

Jo e Ludwig announced that the device will be released by the end of the year as their controller production is running at full power. After the manufacturing will finish, Valve will switch their full fledged attention to producing the new Vive Base Station.

This manufacturing process is very innovative as they are using automation to keep the production at the simplest parameters as well as on local ground. This translates into more control over the production line as the process is less-hands on and more precise. We are looking forward to Valve implementing this process to further manufacturing lines.

A significant change can be seen in terms of design as the Vive Bas Station will not feature two rotors which send out lasers to the headsets in order to pinpoint its position in space but it will feature a single rotor instead. Not only will this sensor be lighter but it will also be quieter, cheaper and also a lot more power efficient.

By implementing a cheaper price when it comes to the new Vive Base Station a strong motivation might be implemented among people who want to check out the VR experience but are reluctant to buying such device due to its high price. People will be more tempted to buy a VR device if the prices will receive a cut down in prices. They should also have in mind that the first generation of Vive Base Station is out for a lot of time and should just wait for the new one to hit the shelves before finally deciding if they want to experience Virtual Reality or not.

The Vive Base Station features wireless syncing and powers virtual reality by tracking the whereabouts of the Vive headset through the room in order to immerse the user into VR. The device includes a base station and power adapter as well as an 8 foot cord. The device also fits standard threaded mounting points.