TubeMate vs Vidmate APK – Comparing the Best Android YouTube Downloaders

TubeMate vs Vidmate APK – Comparing the Best Android YouTube Downloaders


Smartphones have become an important item to our everyday lives. The reason behind this being that most people use their smartphones for entertainment purposes such as watching online videos or listening to music.

The only downside to this is the fact that people who enjoy getting their favorite content through video platforms such as YouTube will need a good mobile plan that includes a lot of mobile data. Fortunately, TubeMate and Vidmate are here to save the day.

TubeMate and Vidmate are Android apps which allow users to download videos from platform such as Dailymotion, Instagram, YouTube and so on. Even though both apps serve the same purposes, there still are some difference between them and today we are going to find out which one is better.


The initial reason why TubeMate was developed was to give people an alternative to watching YouTube videos online. Therefore, TubeMate excels when it comes to downloading YouTube videos in both low or high resolution.

Things don’t end there since TubeMate is also equipped with an MP3 converter which gives users the ability to expand their music library for free by downloading YouTube music videos.


Just like TubeMate, Vidmate can download YouTube videos without any problem. However, Vidmate doesn’t ship with a pre-installed MP3 converter but this can be added through plugins.

Although, this doesn’t mean that TubeMate is superior to Vidmate since this app also has its own unique features. The thing that makes Vidmate special is the fact that it can also download mobile games, software, applications and so on.


While these two apps might seem similar at a first glance, they are quite different. Nonetheless, if we need to pick a winner it has to be Vidmate. The reason behind our choice being that Vidmate doesn’t limit itself to downloading videos and it supports a wider range of formats.