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Valve Is Working On Developing Games Again


Finally, Valve is going to be working on creating new games! In a conference yesterday, CEO Gabe Newell (GabeN) announced that the company is “going to start shipping games again.” He also explained why releases have been almost non-existent lately and what has changed in their structure.


Valve’s direction

You might be asking why exactly did the shift happen in the first place? Newell explained that in the conference by saying he was concerned PCs were “becoming more of a closed system.” His investments into AR, specifically HTC Vive, were an effort to “offset” the monopoly Microsoft and Facebook were creating on OS and VR.

What resulted was a reworked Valve that he says is able to do both hardware and software design. That also may impact how they treat game design in the future, GabeN hinted.

“We’ve always been a little bit jealous of companies like Nintendo. Miyamoto […] can introduce new capabilities like motion input because he controls both of those things. And he can make the hardware look as good as possible because he’s designing the software at the same time that’s really going to take advantage of it. So that is something we’ve been jealous of, and that’s something that you’ll see us taking advantage of subsequently.” says Newell.

Future projects

Unfortunately, GabeN was not as talkative when it came to what the other games are. We do remember, though, that back in January, in an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit, he said that they are working on a singleplayer game.

He also mentioned 3 more VR games are coming soon. They also seem to be heavily focused on custom hardware, so he could have been referring to that.

Artifact included, that makes 5 games on Valve’s workbench. Whatever the case may be, it looks like Valve is finally producing games again, hopefully with the quality we’ve come to expect from their previous titles!

What is your opinion on Valve’s comeback? We’d like to hear your opinion in the comments! And as always, stay tuned for more news and information on anything gaming-related!