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UMIDIGI Crystal 4G – To Beat Samsung and OnePlus Flagships?


It’s so rare that we find good smartphones which don’t cost a small fortune to acquire. Sure, there is a smartphone around every corner, but most of them are designed for the lower class or low end smartphone market. Most devices that are worth your attention are priced a lot higher and are often times accompanied by a famous logo, be it Samsung’s, Apple’s LG’s, or another tech giant’s. We’re here to tell you however that you can find and purchase great smartphones without having to sell everything your own first.

Following the model of devices like those from Xiaomi, Huawei or OnePlus, we give you the UMIDIGI Crystal 4G.  The phone has some really nice internal specs and comes at a good price, especially if you use the TomTop offer which puts it at the final price: Coupon code: DSUMCRT for $4.Final price: $155.99. This device packs quite the punch, so let’s get into the details and see what’s under the hood.


Before we delve into the internal specs however, let’s take a look at the design. The phone features a really classy design with no front panel buttons, justa huge, beautiful screen. The back of the device features all the doo-dads, including a fingerprint scanner, the dual camera and the Flash LED.


The phone features a bezel-less display which measures 5.5 inches. It is an original SHARP screen and it comes with a max resolution of 1920 x 1080. While there are definitely larger displays out there, these specs represent what the standard smartphone user dreams of.


There is a dual camera setup on the rear panel, featuring a 13 MP sensor as well as a 5 MP one, thanks to the Samsung dual camera. There is also a 5 MP front facing camera, for all those selfie enthusiasts out there. The camera even features something called “Beauty Mode”.

Processing power

The device is powered by the octa core processing unit featuring the Cortex 153 core, clocked at 1.5 GHz. In terms of graphics processing, the smartphone has the support of the Mali T860, clocked at 0.65 GHz.

Memory power

Memory is another important factor and the UMIDIGI Crystal 4G features no less than 64 GB for internal storage. There is also a total of 4 GB of RAM.

The battery unit

What’s the point in having good specifications if there is a lousy battery in place which can’t keep the device running for more than half a day, right? Well, that’s not going to be an issue here, as the UMIDIGI Crystal 4G comes with a 3000 mAh battery unit.

Operating system

Finally, the phone comes with the Android 7.0 operating system from Google, meaning that users will benefit from an up to date experience and smooth sailing throughout all software that comes with the device or is installed by the user afterwards.