UC Browser Partners with Pakistan Smartphone Company QMobile Sync

UC Browser Partners with Pakistan Smartphone Company QMobile Sync


Smartphones are considered as being essential gadgets that enhance our everyday lives. These devices allow owners to do many things such as hailing down an Uber or surfing the web on the go for example. This is why owning a smartphone that’s able to provide stable performances and using a highly optimized mobile browser is very important. Well, we have great news for Pakistani smartphone users, UC Browser has partnered up with QMobile Sync.

UC Browser Teams up with QMobile Sync

UC Browser has been developed by Alibaba Mobile Business Group and it holds the title of being the second most popular mobile browser in Pakistan having over 25 percent of the market share. The best thing about UC Browser though is that its developers are always looking for ways that can help them improve it. This is why UC Browser has teamed up with QMobile. This is the company that produces the most popular smartphones in Pakistan.

We should mention that UC Browser is globally renowned for being the fastest mobile browser. The internet is filled with comparison between UC Browser and Google Chrome and everyone can see that Google Chrome is slowly but surely becoming the underdog. Additionally, the greatest feature UC Browser brings to the table is its carefully optimized Download Manager. This feature allows users to download files in just a matter of seconds without hindering the browser’s page loading times at the same time.

Nonetheless, the first collaboration we will be able to see is going happen during the Pakistan Super League. Pakistani residents are known for loving sports and UC Browser is going to take advantage of that and run its campaign with Shahid Afridi.

Additionally, QMobile Sync owners will be able to play a mobile game through UC Browser. The game has been especially developed to advertise Shahid Afridi and it’s also going to give players a chance to win a brand new QMobile smartphone.

It looks like QMobile Sync is never going to settle and its always going to look for ways of configuring its smartphone. This is great because QMobile Sync owners are the ones that will benefit from this the most.