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UC Browser Mini 10.7.8 Update Download Available on iOS

UC Browser Mini 10.7.8 Update

UC Browser is a mobile browser that has been developed by UCWeb, a Chinese mobile internet company, which is owned by ALibaba Group of China. The first version of the browser has been released back in April 2004 and it was launched only as a J2ME.

Currently, the UC Browser is also available for many other platforms such as: Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS and Symbian. The UC Browser Mini comes with a simple interface, but it also contains all the features that are necessary for a smooth browser experience.

In other words, the UC Browser Mini for Android OS comes in a tiny package, but it is able to work almost the same as the full version of the browser. We need to mention that the UC Browser Mini has been released for devices that don’t come with powerful specifications.

The UC Browser Mini also comes with a “night mode,” which will make sure that your eyes are not stressed in low-light conditions. The UC Browser Mini has an installation file of less than 2MB and even if it is so small, it is able to load web pages without any issues, at a pretty good speed.

The UC Browser Mini version 10.7.8 has an installation size of 1.72MB, meaning that everyone should be able to install it on their Android devices. We need to mention that your device needs to run at least on Android 2.3 OS, but we think that most of the handsets are already running on a newer version of this operating system.

So, if you’ve been using Google Chrome, Firefox or Dolphin browsers on your Android device and you’re not happy about the way they load websites on your handset, you should give the UC Browser Mini a chance and see how that works for you.

What browser are you using on your Android device?

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