UC Browser Holds Title For Being The Most Popular Android Browser

UC Browser Holds Title For Being The Most Popular Android Browser


These days everyone is glued to their smartphone. These devices have become quite an important aspect of our lives. The main reason behind this is because smartphones allow us to surf the web whenever we might want. This is why using a highly performing web browser is always advised. Regarding mobile browsers, it’s safe to say that UC Browser has been impressively growing in popularity as of late.

UC Browser: The Most Popular Android Browser?

Every Android powered smartphones comes with Chrome pre-installed on it. That’s because Chrome is being developed by Google which is also the parent of Android. Surprisingly, recent surveys are showing that the majority of Android users actually opting to use UC Browser instead of Chrome. This browser has been developed on the Chromium platform and it’s also supported by Windows devices. The fact that it’s a cross-platform browser surely increases its popularity.

UC Browser: The Best Chrome Alternative?

As previously mentioned, Chrome is pre-installed on Android devices. With that being said, it’s quite surprising that UC Browser is actually the most popular Android browser. The main reason behind its success is the fact that it’s quite faster than Chrome. The developers behind this browser have made sure to keep on updating it and to always add new features to it. In fact, UC Browser is renowned for being the most feature packed mobile browser.

UC Browser: Android Features

Even though it weighs in at just 50MB, it brings a bunch of features with it. The most popular one is definitely its download manager. This feature is completely outstanding and it offers users with the fastest download speeds. Another cool feature that’s being brought by UC Browser is its own Ad-Blocker.

Chrome’s strongest point is its incognito mode. This mode gives users the ability to anonymously surf the web. Even better, the mode blocks websites from tracking the user’s location and cookies. UC Browser doesn’t come short when it comes to privacy and it’s equipped with a similar mode that’s called “Private Browsing”. The mode does exactly the same things that Chrome’s Incognito mode is able to do.