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UC Browser Denies Reports Of Leaking Mobile Data


Alibaba’s UC Browser was accused of leaking mobile data of its Indian users to China and reportedly the government is investigating these allegations

Reports of leaking mobile data

The data leak reports appeared back in May when Citizen Lab, a Canadian technology research group claimed that UCWeb collects sensitive user information it makes it available to third parties.

Media reported that UC Browser leaked mobile data to a Chinese server. Users’ data became vulnerable every time they connected to a Wi-Fi network, and third parties were able to find out the users’ location, their device IMEI numbers, search details and more.

These were serious allegations, especially after the Doklam situation involving China and India. UC Browser may be banned in India if it is found guilty.

This can be a great hit for UCWeb since this product has over 59 market share here, with over 100 million monthly active users in this country and it is the sixth most downloaded application. It also manages to surpass other browsers like Opera and Google Chrome.

UC Browser denies these allegations

According to the UCWeb team, the company respects the privacy and the security of the users and it collects user information in order to improve its services.

“It is common practice for IT companies to place servers all around the globe to provide better service to its users. We have strong measures in place to encrypt the data while we transmit it,” UCWeb declared.

The team also claimed that UC Browser always asks for the users’ permission. “We take necessary authorization from users to collect this data. Our systems are protected by an end-user licensing agreement which protects the interest of our users,” they added.