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UC Browser Data Leak Allegations Might Caused it to be Banned in India


Things are not looking too good for Alibaba, the company that owns UC Browser. The company has just been put under thorough investigation by the Indian government. The reason why this is happening is because UC Browser has allegedly leaked private mobile data of its Indian users and therefore, UC Browser might be banned in the country. Worth mentioning is that this information was confirmed by an official Indian IT Ministry.

UC Browser Might be Banned in India

The Indian IT Ministry doesn’t want his name to be revealed but he did state the following in regard to the UC Browser controversy: “There have been complaints against UC Browser that it sends mobile data of its users in India to server in China”. We should mention that UC Browser’s competition has also accused Alibaba for cooperating with China’s government in the past. Moreover, the IT Ministry added the following: “There are complaints that even if an user has uninstalled it or cleaned browsing data, the browser retains control of DNS of user’s service”.

Classified as Malware

If these allegations are proven to be true then it means that UC Browser will be classified as malware. Not only will UC Browser be banned in India but we can be sure that no one is ever going to use it again. In fact, even though these allegations might be proven to be false, UC Browser is still being affected by them since the company’s name has been tainted.

No Official Response

To make the situation even worse for UC Browser, Alibaba didn’t release any official statement in regard to these allegations. Many people believe that the company’s silence is incriminating itself. However, we are not the ones to decide what’s false and what’s not. Therefore, UC Browser and Alibaba are innocent until proven wrong.