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UC Browser Brings Android Web Surfing to the Next Level


One of the greatest things about being an Android smartphone owner is the broad range of apps you get to choose from. Although, there’s a downside to this since Android fans never know which app is the best for them. Fortunately, this isn’t the case in the mobile browser department since there’s no doubt that UC Browser overshadows its competition. This browser is free to use and it comes with a bunch of useful features that improve the web browsing experience of any Android powered smartphone.

Free to Use

As previously mentioned, UC Browser is free to use. Despite its non-existent price tag, UC Browser is a highly optimized mobile app that’s being used by millions of people worldwide. Traditionally, free apps are not the best in their department but this is not the case with UC Browser. Alibaba, the company that’s developing UC Browser keeps on releasing new updates which enhance its abilities every month.

Incredibly Fast Download Speeds

It’s safe to say that the worst thing about surfing the web on the go is slow download and page loading speeds. Well, this is not an issue with UC Browser since it packs a special download manager that’s been carefully developed to enhance download speeds. The reason why UC Browser is able to excel at downloads is because it uses its own servers in order to speed them up.

Built-In Adblocker

Even though slow download speeds are annoying, nothing gets as frustrating as ads do. The developers behind UC Browser know that too well and that’s why they equipped it with a special built-in Adblocker. The best thing about this feature is that UC Browser users don’t need to enable it or put in any thought to it since it automatically blocks ads from flooding the browser’s user interface.