UberEATS Version 1.116.10001 with Pre-Scheduled Food Orders Available for Download

UberEATS Version 1.116.10001 with Pre-Scheduled Food Orders Available for Download


Uber is the first company that brought ridesharing services to mobile apps. The company that developed Uber made tons of profits because of that and its constantly looking to evolve even further and this is why UberEATS was created.

Uber drivers have a reputation for being reliable and fast which makes them perfect for deliveries. This gets even better since customers don’t even need to call anyone because they can simply place their order through the UberEATS app instead.


The best thing about UberEATS is not only the speed and reliability of its drivers, but the fact that it gives people the option to order food from restaurants or fast foods that do not offer delivery. This is great news for people who crave McDonald’s late at night and don’t feel like going on a ride because McDonald’s doesn’t deliver food.

Numerous Options

Since UberEATS is not directly partnered with a restaurant, this means that customers can order from wherever they want. UberEATS delivers food from any restaurant be it a Delhi, Chinese Takeout or even the local corner fast food joint. With that being said, it’s safe to say that UberEATS features the largest takeout menu.

App Update Version: 1.116.10001

Considering the fact that UberEATS is an app that’s being used to place orders and make online payments, the app needs to always be updated in order to avoid crashes or any other inconveniences. This is the reason why the developer team at UberEATS keeps rolling out a new update every week or so.

A new APK update for UberEATS has been recently made available and it brings the app’s version to 1.116.10001. The update weighs in at 28.53MB and it can be installed on a minimum of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Moreover, the update also brings a cool new feature which gives people the ability to pre-scheduled food orders.