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TubeMate vs Vidmate: Which One to Download?


People don’t need to rely on their mobile data to watch YouTube videos anymore now that apps such as TubeMate and Vidmate are around. These two apps enable users to download any videos they want from platform such as YouTube, Youku, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion and many more.

These apps can be used to download videos for offline viewing or to expand music libraries since nearly every song ever made can be found on YouTube and converted to MP3 format. Nonetheless, the question that remains is which one is better? Is it TubeMate or Vidmate? Worry no more because we are going to answer that question right now.

Similar Features

As previously mentioned, both apps can be used to download videos for offline viewing and they excel at this. These apps also feature simple user interfaces that make it easier for people to access the options they want. Despite their similar features, there are some key differences between them and we’re going to cover that.


The first thing that we need to mention about TubeMate is the fact that it allows users to pick the resolution of the video they wish to download. This is a highly useful feature since users can choose lower resolution if they wish to download videos faster and to preserve their storage space.

Moreover, TubeMate also features the option to automatically convert videos in MP3 formats thus giving people access to one of the world’s largest music library.

Download available from Windows Store.


The feature that makes Vidmate shine in comparison with TubeMate is its rather minimalistic user interface. The app is equipped with a sharp looking user interface that presents all the hottest videos which encourages users to discover new content. Moreover, Vidmate is also capable of downloading games and not just videos.

Download available from Windows Store.

Final Thoughts

From the looks of it, both apps have their strong points which makes it easier to separate them in different categories. Therefore, TubeMate is ideal for users who enjoy listening to music and to download videos for offline viewing while Vidmate is the better choice for users who are interested in downloading more than just videos.