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TubeMate Guide on How to Download Any Video from YouTube, Netflix and Many More


We live in a world where everyone watches online videos to entertain themselves. This makes YouTube one of the world’s most popular websites. In addition, streaming services such as Netflix and HBO NOW are gaining more popularity with each day. However, the thing that all these streaming services lack is a download button.

Offline Viewing

Not being able to download videos offline viewing can be quite annoying, especially for people who love watching the latest shows while they are traveling or simply on their way to work. Not everyone can afford to spend large sums of money on cellular plans that offer mobile data, thus making streaming services unavailable on the go.


Luckily, the folks who developed TubeMate saw this as an opportunity. TubeMate does exactly what people need, it adds a download button to all video streaming services and its reach doesn’t stop with YouTube, Netflix and HBO NOW since it also supports platforms such as Facebook, Dailymotion and Instagram.

How to Download Any Video

The best thing about TubeMate is the fact that it allows anyone to download all their favorite videos for free. The app doesn’t feature a subscription model and it doesn’t charge for an installation fee. Furthermore, downloading videos with TubeMate is quite simple. All that users need to do is to copy the URL of the desired video and paste it into TubeMate’s user interface.

Another great way of downloading videos through TubeMate is by using the app’s built-in search browser. People can search for any video they want directly from TubeMate and just click the download button which is located in the bottom right corner whenever they decide that a video is so good they need to save it on their smartphone’s storage space.

Download available from Windows Store.