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TubeMate for iOS – iPhone and iPad Users Can Download Any Online Video They Want


There are thousands of apps which serve the purpose of helping smartphone owners avoid getting bored, but all of them pale in comparison with TubeMate. The reason we are saying this is because TubeMate comes with a unique feature that makes it possible for smartphone owners to download every online video that they want and then to watch them while offline, thus never getting bored anymore.

TubeMate is currently regarded as a “must-have” app in the Android community, but it looks like iOS fans are finally getting a chance to test it out. The developers of TubeMate have seen that people in the iOS community are lacking an online video downloader and decided to create an iOS version of the app.

TubeMate for iOS

Today we are going to cover everything there is to know about TubeMate, so that iOS fans know what they will be getting, but before we get to do that, let’s see where TubeMate can be downloaded from.

Considering the fact that TubeMate can download videos from all online streaming platforms, it should come as no surprise that the app goes against their ToS (terms of services). Therefore, Apple is not allowed to list TubeMate on its official App Store. However, the app can still be downloaded and installed directly from iTunes.

Download Online Videos

Now that we went over how easy it is to download and install TubeMate on an iOS powered device, let’s see how simple it is to download online videos. The developers who are in charge of TubeMate know that most people are not tech savvy and everyone likes to avoid going through complicated settings and preferences when installing new apps.

Therefore, the developers have made sure that anyone can download online videos via TubeMate without needing to have any extensive software knowledge. The app comes equipped with a user-friendly UI (user interface) which features a built-in search engine.

iOS fans can simply type in keywords or the name of the video that they want to download in the search engine and then download it by tapping on the red “Download” button.

High-Quality Content

If there’s something everyone can agree on, then it must be that fact that no one likes watching low-quality videos. TubeMate’s developers know that too well and this is why the app can download videos in full HD pixel resolution.

Saving Storage Space

Knowing that iPhones and iPads don’t support microSD cards, internal storage space can be quite scarce for iOS fans. Fortunately, TubeMate gives users the ability to download videos in whatever quality they want and this is going to help iOS users reduce how much storage space they use by lowering the quality of the video.

Let’s say for example someone is downloading a two-hour long podcast, then that person will be able to lower the video quality to 480p and save up storage space because the audio is what really matters with that type of video.

Download Multiple Videos

The reason why TubeMate is so popular is because it gives people a way to keep themselves entertained when there isn’t a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, people who know that they are going to leave on a trip where they can’t watch online videos can use TubeMate’s multiple video download feature to stock up with funny and entertaining videos.

Built-In Player

Another great thing about TubeMate is that users will never have to worry about media players anymore. TubeMate ships with a built-in media player that doesn’t require any codecs or updates in order to play the latest video or audio formats.