TubeMate Download Available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android

TubeMate Download Available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android


TubeMate is available on all major platforms and it lets you download your favorite videos.

YouTube has become a huge part of our lives, and most people watch at least one YouTube video each day. Whether it’s news related or a funny cat video, most people find a reason to go onto the platform and looks for something. If they’re not looking for something specific, they might stumble on a thumbnail that catches their attention from the Recommended section. The bottom line is that with all this attention around YouTube, it would sure be nice to have a way to download videos so that you may watch them for later. Luckily, such a tool exists in the form of TubeMate, an app available on PC, Mac, iOS and of course, Android.

The benefits of using TubeMate

If you’re looking for good software to help you download videos you want to save for later or just save, period,  you are probably wondering how TubeMate can help you exactly. The app is great because it immediately turns any video on YouTube into something you can download locally to your device. That comes in handy often, and its special features such as Fast Download mode or Media Converter, manipulating the files you save is a breeze.

Downloading the app

While most apps of this kind are easy to install, you will have to jump through some small hoops before you can install and use TubeMate on your device. The app is available on many different platforms but you have to manually download it, which might be a little tricky for those that are used to only downloading apps from their respective app stores.

PC Downloads

PC users will have the easiest time, because they can just navigate to the app’s official website and download it from there.  The process is identically to how you would download and install any other software on your computer, so you shouldn’t have any problems in doing so.

Mobile Downloads

On mobile devices, things get just a bit more complicated.  If you’re using an  iOS device, you need to install an emulator first which will allow you to install TubeMate afterwards. Acquiring the iOS emulator shouldn’t be too much of a hassle however. Android devices, on the other hand, have it a little easier. There’s no need for an emulator, but you can’t get it from the official Play Store either. That means that you have to go back to the official TubeMate website and get the installer from there.

Mac Downloads

Since they are also Apple products, Mac users will find the process of installing TubeMate similar to what it’s like on iPhones. A Mac emulator is needed  before TubeMate can be installed, making it almost identical to getting it on iPhones.

Overall, TubeMate is the kind of service that you can benefit from and it’s definitely worth trying out at least. The ability to download any video on YouTube speaks for itself, and soon after installing, you’ll find yourself stock-piling on funny and viral videos.

Good alternative – Airy, which available for Mac and Windows. It supports YouTube Mp4 and Mp3 files and also can download YouTube playlists and channels.