Home News The Department Of Justice Requested Personal Information On Anti-Trump Website Visitors

The Department Of Justice Requested Personal Information On Anti-Trump Website Visitors


Dreamhost, the web hosting provider, Trump’s Department of Justice (DOJ) demanded the personal information of the visitors to all the anti-trump websites. These websites were designed to organize protests against President Trump and contains personal information on 1.3 million visitors.

Dreamhost is not happy about the request

The Los Angeles based web host provider, Dreamhost, has been collaborating with the DOJ to reveal personal information on the anti-Trump website visitors. This means that if Dreamhost accepts all the requests made by the DOJ, it will have to reveal addresses, phone numbers, email-addresses, business information and more other details.

However, Dreamhost has protested against this request, firmly believing that the DOJ has gone too far on the Constitution.

The Department of Justice answers back

According to the warrant used by the DOJ, their requested information is necessary because the authorities need to establish and seize information which is in violation with the Constitution.

Dreamhost issues a warning

The company Dreamhost warns people that the information they are requested to release could be used to identify those who used the websites to express their political speech, an act protected by the First Amendment.

Chris Ghazarian, the general counsel of Dreamhost, declared that the search warrant used by the DOJ is in fact a disguise to find out who are the political dissidents of the Trump administration.

The Internet reacts

Many disagree with DOJ’s decision and believe that this is a populist method used by President Trump to attack political dissidents. Some also believe the measure is un-American and that this warrant is used to seizure private information for the sake of their own agenda.

Many people have also started protesting and gathering signatures to determine the Congress to take action against President Trump.