Trump Shows Interest in a Space Mission – What Should We Expect?

Trump Shows Interest in a Space Mission – What Should We Expect?


As it seems, Trump has reportedly been talking about exploring Mars and some public-private partnerships in a meeting he had with Elon Musk. Moreover, he has been discussing with historian Douglas Brinkley about similar subjects, such as the Apollo program and how important it was for the country back in the 1960s.

Many reports made until now have shown that Musk and his team at SpaceX are dreaming about colonizing Mars. Moreover, they even think they can start the first human mission on the Red Planet in 2024 – year when, if reelected, Trump will still be President. Even though the two don’t have the same political views, they are motivated to reach success.

Musk has really big plans and ideas, and he is focused on advancing technology. One of the examples he has in mind is an entire fleet of spaceships that could host 100 people at a time on their trip to Mars. Needless to say, this perspective is really exciting, and Trump is sure to appreciate a good idea.

As to Douglas Brinkley, he declared that in their talks, Donald Trump has been interested in the way in which the space projects have helped J. F. Kennedy’s image as a political person. The historian said that in Trump’s opinion, the Apollo project captured the spirit of the American people.

The United States still remains the only country that took a human on the moon and the only country that led a completely functional spacecraft on the surface of Mars. Brinkley said that this completely confirms the American exceptionalism, fact that could attract Trump.

However, the president-elect did not mention anything about this in his inaugural address. One of the reason he did not do so could be the fact that the costs would be huge, and he does not intend to trigger a media scandal on this topic.