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Tron (TRX) Releases Its Tron Wallet App After Achieving 1,200 TPS


Tron announces its TronWallet app on Android. You can find it on Google Play and it’s also coming to iOS in the future. The team behind Tron made the announcement on Twitter and Medium, detailing everything you need to know about the app.

They started developing TronWallet four months ago and they claim that “our team was in a hangout when we decided to participate on TRON Programming Contest. Quickly, a trello board was created and the first card with the title “Prepare Cold Wallet for Apple Store”.

“TRON Developer Programming Competition is a 1,000,000 USD rewards programming carnival dedicated to global community members and developers, based on the blockchain technology with the key feature of decentralization,” Tron announced back then.

TronWallet did not win the competition but the team calls it a nice side-effect.

TronWallet main features

  • This is a decentralized P2P wallet that doesn’t need any signup or login.
  • It features local secret encryption and PIN.
  • All the Tron network operations are supported on the wallet besides ‘create token.’
  • The wallet features push notifications that notify users instantly after transactions are processed.
  • The private keys only belong to the users and Tron doesn’t have access to them.

You can read the full list of features on Tron’s Medium post.

Tron reached 1,200 Transactions Per Second

We recently reported that Tron claimed that its new proprietary blockchain managed to reach about 1,200 transactions per second.

It seems that this brand new number is 80 times faster compared to Ethereum.

The great news was unveiled by Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun in a tweet in which he was flaunting Tron’s potential and the fact that the acquisition of BitTorrent will boost Tron’s success even more.

Ethereum’s speed is currently around 15-20 transactions per second.