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Top 3 TubeMate Most Annoying Problems and How to Fix Them


Even though TubeMate is a world-renowned video downloader, it still has its fair share of issues. As it is the case with any app, there are both pros and cons to download and using it. With that being said, today we are going to look at the top three things that people need to know before downloading TubeMate.

Brief Description

First off, we need to start by letting everyone know that TubeMate is entirely free to download and that it enables users to download and convert YouTube videos at their leisure. Therefore, TubeMate can be used to download videos for offline viewing or to download music videos and convert them to MP3 formats.

Common TubeMate Issues

Now that we went over the uses of TubeMate, let’s go over some of the most reoccurring user complaints. We will also provide readers with a quick fix for each of these upcoming problems.

  • First Issue

The app sometimes crashes while running on older version of Google’s Android but fortunately, this issue can be simply fixed by downloading and installing the latest version of TubeMate and refreshing the main interface.

  • Second Issue

The second issue that’s annoying TubeMate user is random update notifications even though they already installed the latest version of the app. This issue is usually caused because there are more than one TubeMates apps installed on the designed device and users can get rid of it by removing all the old versions.

  • Third Issue

Lastly, the most irritating problem that TubeMate users have to deal with is the fact that the app sometimes doesn’t play newly downloaded videos. This problem usually happens because TubeMate downloads videos which are encoded by YouTube and it’s not able to play that type of format. Therefore, the only fix for this problem is to play videos in low resolution or to use a third-party media player.