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Top Three iPad Pro Apple Pencil Tricks


There are many things such as hardware power and portability that make Apple’s iPad Pro a highly desirable item. However, one feature that’s often overlooked is the tablet’s Apple Pencil. There’s a common misconception that the Apple Pencil is only being used by professional graphic designers. This couldn’t be more wrong since Apple Pencil serves many purposes and it can be used by anyone. Therefore, here are the three best Apple Pencil tips and tricks which will enhance your iPad Pro experience.


While the stylus is being mainly marketed as a drawing accessory, it can also be used for navigation. In fact, iPad Pro owners will find out that everything moves smoother if they decide to navigate and browse with the stylus. The Apple Pencil can be used to navigate through different platforms such as websites, videos and even the basic iOS interface. In addition, the stylus is also capable of writing text messages and it integrates perfectly with swipe keyboards such as SwiftKey.

Tracing Paper

One cool feature that Apple Pen excels at is tracing paper. iPad Pro owners can drop a piece of paper over their device’s display and use the pencil trace it. This trick will prove to be quite useful for people who love to draw but are not that good at contouring lines. Moreover, this trick can also be used with thick card stocks.

Straight Lines

Drawing straight lines has always been hard. This can be a difficult task even for iPad Pro owners that have steady hands. Fortunately, Apple fans can use the ruler that’s found in the Notes app a draw as many straight lines as they wish. Just open the ruler, hold it in place with two fingers and draw a straight line with the stylus.