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Top Opera Mini Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Web Browsing Experience


Even though all Android powered smartphones ship with Google Chrome pre-installed on them, this doesn’t mean that Android fans don’t have any other options. Opera Mini is a great Google Chrome alternative that will provide fans with a fast and enjoyable web browsing experience.

Another great thing about Opera Mini is that there are a handful of tricks and tips which can take anyone’s browsing experience to the next level!

Remove Annoying Ads

The most annoying thing about surfing the web is the high number of annoying ads that randomly pop out everywhere you go. The developers who created Opera Mini know that too well and that’s why they installed a built-in adblocker.

The adblocker will take care of all the previously mentioned annoying adds. To make things even better, the adblocker is quite easy to enable. All that Opera Mini users need to do is to follow these steps: Menu – Data Saving – Enable Block Ads.

Save Mobile Data

Mobile data is very valuable and no one wants to waste it on large updates and apps. Luckily, Opera Mini is equipped with a special feature that restricts large files from being downloaded through mobile data and only downloads them when the smartphone is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network.

Follow these steps in order to enable this feature: Menu – Settings – Downloads – Pick the “Always Ask or Wait for Wi-Fi” option.

Single Column Mode

The biggest downside to surfing the web while mobile is the fact that not all websites are not optimized for mobile viewers. On the bright side, Opera Mini can enable a cool feature that automatically transforms all websites to single column mode and makes them easier to read.

This is how to enable the single column mode: Menu – Settings – Find Page Layout – Enable Single Column View.