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Top GPS Navigation Apps For Windows 10 Download Available


If you’re the kind of person that travels a lot or just finds themselves on the road all the time, it’s a great idea to have a navigation app installed on your smartphone. There are plenty of options available and if you have an Android device you can benefit from the pre-installed Google Maps. But what happens when you don’t use Android? Here are the top navigation apps for Windows 10:

MapFactor Navigator

This is a rather simplistic navigation app, which offers turn by turn directions as well as the benefit of being free of charge.  In order to collect and use data, it makes use of the OpenStreetMaps database which gives it a big advantage.

Furthermore, while the app might be free of charge, it does incite users at buying the $15 TomTom GPS map pack. There are slim chances that you will travel somewhere that isn’t covered by this navigation app. It has maps not just for the US and Canada but also for the Americas, Africa and Australia, and of course Europe.

GPS Voice Navigation

This is a great routing app that features turn by turn directions as well. It is a voice navigation app which means that AI voice is implemented into its infrastructure. That just brings a more modern approach to navigation systems.  It has support for multiple languages as far as the spoken instructions go, and its really user-friendly interface including the app’s dashboard makes it really easy to read data off the app.

Navigon USA

This is yet another Windows 10 oriented navigation app, and it is a paid service. To be more precise, it will cost users a total of $40 to use, but it brings plenty of features to justify the steep entry price level.

It comes with a bunch of features such as voice assistance and overlays for specific departments of navigation, such as traffic. Knowing what the traffic is like in an area where you’re heading or through which you’re passing is a big deal in big cities.  It also comes with a feature that allows the user to set a route to “home” by pushing just one button.

CoPilot GPS

We venture once more through the land of the free apps, this time with CoPilot GPS. It’s a terrific application that offers turn by turn navigation for devices operating on Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS. It features a wide array of maps including the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand but also Asia, India, Brazil and the Middle East.

If the free version of the app isn’t enough for you, you can always get the paid version which includes more features. One feature that makes CoPilot GPS great is its offline maps which allow you to navigate even when you aren’t guided by an internet connection.