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Todd Howard Wanted Cross-Platform Play In Fallout 76, But It Is Not Possible


A few days ago Todd Howard had an interview to clear up the things regarding the cross-platform play in Fallout 76. Apparently, Howard wanted cross-play, but it is not possible.

Obviously, he can’t implement cross-platform play due to Sony’s policy on this kind of feature. According to the German newspaper Gamestar, Howard tried to cross-play between platforms with Fallout 76, something which, as we know, is impossible at the moment due to Sony’s refusal.

The cross-platform play for PlayStation 4 depends on Sony only

After the news that there would be no cross-platform play for Fortnite on PlayStation 4, everyone would have wished this option to be present in Fallout 76, but Todd Howard admits it’s not possible.

What’s more, the famous¬†games creator was visibly annoyed by Sony’s stagnant attitude, which seems to have no intention of giving up an inch of its position.

However, the community is a clamor in this regard, and that an industry celebrity such as Todd Howard would take such a radical stance in favor of it, may cause the Japanese company to rethink its policies in this regard.

Sony might eventually find a solution to this cross-platform play debate on PlayStation 4

Without going any further, Shawn Layden himself, Sony America CEO, said a few days ago that all the possibilities are on the company’s table. “We are listening and studying all the possibilities,” he commented.

“I am confident that we can come up with a solution that is understandable and accepted by our community of players, and at the same time, sustainable for our business,” Shawn Layden added.

It’s not a particularly controversial case, as Sony has never been in favor of cross-platform play, but the measure to block the accounts on Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite, if those accounts were already used on a PS4, has raised significant questions from millions of players.