The Wealthy Make GTA Online An Incredible Playground

The Wealthy Make GTA Online An Incredible Playground


As of this week, Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto Online was the subject of a big update. It’s called Import/Export and allows players new ways in which they could earn some cash and a lot of cars to spend it on.

The only problem is unless you have a few million in your bank, you’ll have a sour taste watching the rich goof around with their expensive rides. This update allows players that have CEO status invest their cash in storage facilities where stolen cars are being kept until sold.

Before one could sell their cars they have to be stolen in the first place and some car theft missions were implemented to allow players to just that. Once they’re over with the whole process is complete, they will need some assistance in exporting them, making them prone targets to let’s say biker gangs that steal their cars and sell them for next to nothing and some XP.

In order to register as a CEO you’ll have to pay a whopping $1 million. This doesn’t include all the costs as the cheapest warehouse will set you back another $1.5 million. Warehouses must be bought in order to do vehicle theft missions.

Being rich has its perks after all as some ridiculous cars are available. I can only name a rocket car, a semi-truck with a huge plow attached to its front which allows it avoid rush hour traffic. Our favorite vehicle however parodies KITT from Knight Rider and is equipped with machine guns and missiles. It even sports a parachute that allows you to jump from Mt. Chillad straight to Los Santos Airport.

This large update means that GTA Online expansions got bigger and better and even more complicated to deal with. If you’re not in the mood for earning some ridiculous amounts of cash there are still plenty of things to keep you occupied with in virtual Los Santos.

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  1. I wish getting money in this game wasn’t so tedious, because it’s ridiculously fun.

    The best way to make it in large amounts, heists, require 3 other people and teamwork.

    Good luck finding three people who listen to directions, follow them well and don’t shout racial/homophobic/misogynist slurs into their mic every 10 seconds.

    EDIT: I normally hesitate to slander an entire userbase this way, but anecdotal evidence over easily 200+ hours of gameplay tells me this. There are cool people that play it, but they are overwhelmingly the minority.

  2. From what I’ve read, the problem is that at one time it was easier, everyone abused it and it was nerfed, which sucks for anyone who wasn’t there when it was raining money. And Shark cards also play into it as well.

  3. In the good ol’ days millions just appeared in your account because of hackers in your lobby.

    I blew through at least 100 million just buying cars, modding them and selling them for different ones when you only had a single 10-car garage.

    Poor AF now.

  4. Ehhh GTA can certainly get hostile, but I have yet to be in a toxic heist group, and I’ve been playing since it launched, across PS3 and Xbone.

    Edit: Should probably add that it’s pretty easy to get money from heists if you have 3 other friends who have already finished the heists. That way you can just host the bank heist, give someone the max share allowed, then when you finish it you can have someone else host, etc etc.