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The solar system to have formed 4.6 million years ago


According to recent studies, the solar system’s formation started 4, 6 million years ago. The exact nature of the formation or the evolution are still unknown, however, researchers are working on it.

New methods of studying all about the solar system include the observation of new solar systems and computer simulators. Technological advances have given scientist the opportunity to understand the creation process of a solar system.

What was the first hypothesis?

The earlier model was named Nebular and it described the formation process, as well as the evolution of the solar system. According to this hypothesis, the solar nebula was created after the supernova, as part of the formation process. Then, the supernova waves triggered the creation of the sun, and with the help of gravity of the sun, other particles and matters were attracted to it. The particles and matters attracted to the sun formed a disk and circulated around it.

To better understand this, it is about a big star attracting particles towards it and making the particles circulate around it thanks to its gravitational force named solar nebula.

What happened afterwards?

According to NASA, the dust settled down and the particle disk got thinner and thinner, forcing the particles to stick together and form clumps. The particle clumps also got bigger by sticking to other particle clumps. This resulted in the formation of planets and moons, in short, it resulted in the formation of the solar system.

Is the solar system of today the same one as the first solar system?

The solar system has much changed since the first time it was created. Over 50 to 100 moon or planets have formed and when collided, they formed new planets. Therefore the formation started 4,6 million years ago and since then it continuously transformed.