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The Secret About Intel’s Kaby Lake-G Chip is Revealed


It looks like we now know more about this chip that we thought we did. For starters, we now know that the chip is not based on the new Vega cores but on the old AMD Polaris ones. The chip is already good enough on its own and this finding does not change how many people feel about it.

How was this done?

The Kaby Lake-G mobile chip seems to have been born out of the unlike union between Intel and AMD which happened this January. Then, Intel stated that it managed to link a Core i7 to the AMD Radeon RX Vega M.

However, Vega might not just be Vega. AIDA64 is a program that identifies the components of the GPU and it has stated that in the case of Intel’s Hades Canyon NUC that uses a Core i7-8809G, the program identifies the GPU to be Polaris and not Vega. One may say that this was just a small mistake but, when this program was used to identify other GPUs, it did so wonderfully, without making any mistakes.

IF one wanted to hear more about the differences between Vega and Polaris, we are here to tell you that Vega had DirectX 12.1 support whereas Polaris does not have this.

So is this chip Polaris or Vega? Neither company wanted to comment on this matter but due to the research that has been made we have found out that Lake-G has two of the features that are usually found in a Vega. It has a High-Bandwidth Cache Controller and it also has HBM2 memory.

In the end, most people do not care to put a label on what this chip really is, they are interested to see how it performs. And as reviews are coming in one by one we can clearly say that this chip is doing a fantastic job.