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The Last Part Of Us II Was Presented By Sony During E3 2018


Naughty Dog, the studio behind titles such as Uncharted, wants to join the interactive media with its exceptional ability to generate emotions. The Last of Us Part II will be the studio’s next big bet and it has just been presented during the Sony conference at E3 2018.

The Last Of Us Part II will be a fantastic title

The Last Of Us Part II is a groundbreaking title in every respect, in almost every respect better say, as the game mechanics may not evolve much from the first installment which defined the previous generation of consoles in 2013.

And with this sequel, the aim is precisely to leave the podium high at the imminent end of the PlayStation 4 life cycle.

This installment will feature a more adult Ellie who aspires to become one of the most iconic characters in the company’s history.

The title will be based on a darker, more violent and gloomy atmosphere, as well as an impressive graphic representation that is capable of representing skills and feelings, the title points to next year at the earliest.

The story behind The Last Part Of Us II could’ve easily been a Holywood script.

Sony conference at E3 2018 showed us that the Japenese company knows how to play their cards

They focused on video games, and only on video games, launching several announcements that will give fans something to talk about for a long time from now on.

One of them, the long-awaited return of Hideo Kojima, the “father” of the Metal Gear saga.

Balancing between the confusion and the bizarre, more details of his next big bet, Death Stranding, were shown.

The company plays with these attributes to generate expectation about a title which is not only unknown for its storyline, but also for its game mechanics but which is called upon to change the looks of conventional video games.