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The Last Of Us 2 Shows Off A Really Brutal Gameplay Trailer At E3 2018


People expected to see more of The Last of Us Part II at E3 2018, and they were not disappointed. Sony came up with a brand new gameplay trailer to show at its press conference, and it was terrifying and tender at the same time.

Terror and tenderness mixed together 

The trailer opened with Ellie talking to a man while watching a party going on around them. Another female character appears and leads Ellie to the dance floor where they share a kiss.

During their discussion, Ellie tells her partner, “Just a girl, not a threat.”

He replies that she thinks everyone should be terrified of Ellie.

Their kiss transitions seamlessly into a shot of Ellie slitting a man’s throat, mumbling “f****r” as she releases his lifeless body.

An extended gameplay demo begins, with Ellie creeping around the city just as in the first game, but there are also nature scenes as well.

The trailer is really intense, and it shows off the brutality of the second part of this game that was previously teased in more videos.

There’s also a sharp contrast between the heartfelt moments and the brutality of surviving.

Last of Us 2 shocked everyone back in 2017

The second part of The Last of Us managed to shock everyone back in 2017 with a trailer that depicted a violent scene during an apocalypse where humanity was struggling to survive.

That was quite a dark and unsettling trailer to watch and this E3 2018 new gameplay trailer seems to hint at the fact that this violent tone of the game will be an integral part of it.

Stay tuned to the E3 2018 to find out all the details and updates.