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The iPad Models For 2018 Are Under Construction Right As We Speak


Apple is preparing to launch its several new tablet models in 2018 and it seems that the iPad models for 2018 are under construction, at the moment.

iPad Apple’s partners have already begun to send the first components for the new iPad 2018 models to the companies that will assemble them in the upcoming period.

When does Apple plan to release the new iPad 2018 models?

Apple wants to launch at least one new iPad Pro model in 2018, and an update for its cheaper version of iPad that the company has launched last March (2017).

Although everyone expects to see at least one new model of the iPad released this March, it seems that Apple has other plans, and the new tablets will be released later this year.

The cheap version of iPad is set to be released by Apple by the end of June, while the new version of the iPad Pro is due to be released in the second half of this year.

Apple wants to update the cheap version of iPad launched in 2017

For the cheap iPad version, no major changes have been announced besides the implementation of a newer processor and a larger amount of storage space and more RAM, according to some rumors.

Apple will want to keep the low price for this iPad model, so it will not risk losing clients by implementing changes that will increase the price.

iPad Pro 2018 will come with FaceID and iPhone X style display

For the future iPad Pro 2018, Apple wants to implement Face ID, to give up on the classic Home button, and to make the iPad display’s edges much thinner, similar to the iPhone X style.

The design of the case should not change for iPad Pro, and the price could remain in the same range like the previous versions but no new information or rumors in this regard have emerged, yet.

Until then, what we know is that the iPad models for 2018 are under construction right now and soon we may get more details regarding the future Apple tablets’ specs and prices.