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The Best Running Apps That Will Improve Your Performance


Jogging time is a time when we must leave our electronic habits behind and become one with the path on which we have chosen to run. Whether it’s a route through the park, on the side of the road or alongside the beach, technology should be the last thing on our minds.

Of course, that shouldn’t be the case for all technology. Smartphones can still play a role during jogging time, and that’s thanks to all the running apps available for today’s smart devices.

These running apps help us keep track and manage our running statistics and offer us valuable information about our running habits. Here are the best apps of this kind that you can get from the app store.


Strava is a great app not only because it brings you a lot of tools for tracking your runs, but also a great platform for competing against other runners.

Strava is the connecting factor between thousands of runners that are brought together by the common passion for running. No matter if you’re running to lose a couple of pounds or to stay sharp, you can find many people to compete against on the app.

Running Heroes

Running Heroes is an interesting app that rewards you for your running achievements. In order to track these running achievements the app lets you connect with other similar services such as the aforementioned Strava or even devices like Fitbit.

All your running progress counts towards unlocking neat rewards. If these rewards weren’t worth anyone’s time, you can be sure that Running Heroes wouldn’t have been such a success.

The prizes different across the different levels you can unlock and you can get your hands on some really sweet deals on running gear and exercise related items, but also treats and goodies like avocado toast and even beer.


This is a great app that instead of tracking or rewarding your runs, it prepares them. So many times people go out for runs without actually preparing properly beforehand. That means that they aren’t eating as they should so it’s hard for their bodies to get through the demanding course people set for themselves.

Endur8 is an app that calculates how many calories you need before a run but also where to get them from and when to actually have your caloric intake in relation to when your run starts.


This is yet another form of running app that enhances your runs and makes you give it your all. What’s a good run without an appropriate playlist? If you’re fresh out of ideas of what to rock in your headphones while dashing through the neighborhood, consider the app RockMyRun which provides DJ takes on playlists designed especially for running.