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The Bayer Monsanto Merger Disaster Is Threatening The Food Supplies


You, just like many other EU citizens may have heard about the recent outrageous news regarding one specific corporate merger from South Africa. Whether you have or not, further explanations are finally available.

Bayer asked the European Union for 65 billion dollars in order to take over Monsanto. The bad part (the worst being yet to come) is the fact that the request managed to get to the second phase of the investigation. Having a strong competitive policy between states and markets, the European Union requested a few days ago further investigations.

But for the locals and not only, the approved corporate merger would not only mean threatening the food supplies but also the two most important competitors in the seed market.

The EU has also a strong policy when it comes to monopole as well and the corporate merger seems to break the rules. People are still waiting for the verdict, most of them are, obviously against the approval of the EU funding but the problem isn’t something they can solve only by themselves.

But this merger won’t have monopole only over seeds, there will be the same problem regarding farming technologies, pesticides and so much more. Monsanto will be able to set high prices, this matter leading to the only option farmers will have in this case, namely increasing the prices for consumers as well. Everything will be like a domino game with Montesano in the role of the kid the pushes the first piece.

But the people and organizations aren’t passive, for instance members SumOfUs claimed in 2016 that the Bayer and Monsanto merger isn’t totally legal and it actually interferes with the Clayton Act. SumOfUs is only one of the biggest movements organized against the merger which took action in order to stop the funding and the development of the merger, but will all these actions be enough for the EU?