Tesla Model 3 to be lower than Model Y

Tesla Model 3 to be lower than Model Y


Tesla Motors is on the verge of manufacturing its mass – market electric car which has been dubbed Model 3. However, according to recent statistics, clients aren’t very interested in sedans with a 12% drop in sales in August 2016. It appears that they are more interested in buying SUVs and crossovers as the sales have increased last month by 2% for this category.

As a result, many auto companies have begun to invest more in SUVs and crossovers, rather than in coups or sedans.

Tesla Motors has been, in fact, offering an SUV by the name Model X but it’s priced at $100,000 and that makes it very expensive for the average person. Recently however, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company will begin to manufacture a more affordable SUV which they’ve called Model Y and a pickup truck, but he did not offer a precise schedule for production and release.

But first, they have to complete the Model 3 which is scheduled to begin production at the end of 2017. The car is priced at $35,000 and there are already 370,000 pre-orders for it. Given the release schedule, it’s very possible that the pre-orders will be honored sometime in 2018.

Tesla Motors are not the only auto company to sell electric SUVs, there’s also General Motors which is planning to launch a Bolt crossover by the end of 2016 and Hyundai and Audi which will be launching their electric SUVs by 2018. At the same time, Volvo is planning to release two electric vehicles in 2019 and Mercedes will most certainly have one on the market by 2019.

If you’re a loyal Tesla Motors client and you are interesting in buying an all-electric cheaper SUV, then you’ll have to wait until they finish the production on the Model 3, before they get to the Model Y.


  1. Another puke inducing love story from a Tesla butt-kisser.


    But, hey, why not? Tesla is such a winner, that they’re setting record sales and record profits. What’s that you say? No profits? Just losses? Since when did that matter to the people who are only enamored by the name Musk, or by the idea of a ‘green car’? Losses don’t matter when the idea is all that matters? So what if the investors keep getting fooled by the illusion of riches, just because of the name behind the company? Yet, that name hasn’t done anything, other than to promise a lot of new and exciting cars. That’s all that matters? Profits? That’s a thing for evil capitalists to worry about, and not the Tesla makers nor the Tesla vehicle owners (many of whom loved the idea of taking tax-payer money to help fund their dream car).

    If Tesla is such a good idea, then, there will be plenty of competition, most of whom will be making the same kind of quality at much better prices. That $35,000 Model 3? Nope! Ain’t gonna happen. Most likely, it will be a $45,000 to $60,000 price tag item, but even then, they will be losing money for the company. At any price, the tax-payer subsidy will be disappearing, making owning one of those less enticing.

    I’m getting my dollar from the junk drawer ready, waiting for the time when Tesla stock takes a dive, and becomes as enticing as Kodak.

  2. Dude who still believe this #$%$? Musk might have a smart mind but clearly doesn’t know the logistic of running a company. Telsa hasn’t made a dime since it’s opened and the delivered of the Model 3 as it sits now with 400,000 preorder and preorder fulfillment it’ going to be for filled until 2025 it Telsa stay alive till them. He shouldn’t be talking about other Telsa new concept model right now. Look at what happens to SpaceX?! He clearly in over his head!

  3. Matt Debord is an idiot, he doesn’t know any thing about car or cars business,. Yes, by the time Tesla make the small affordable SUV and truck, other car makers would dump their all EV on the market, but it not guaranty their cars will be cheaper nor better or longer range. The sale of small sedans and coups fell 12% and sale of SUV up 2%, so where are those 10% buy, that indicate only 2% moving from sedans or coups to buy SUV, and 10% that don’t buy cars waiting or already deposit money to buy Model3. And one thing at a time; Tesla EV technology already ahead of other car makers, only Chevy closely trail behind, Tesla won’t worry about them take over the market, Few years ago Porsche Cayen was a fastest SUV, but now Tesla Model X just talk with the super car, it won’t talk with Cayen.

  4. Enough with the crossover SUV #$%$- I’ll take a sedan any day. They handle better , look better and since I am not lugging around 2.5 children to Build A Bear parties I have no need for an SUV that neither handles off road conditions well nor feels safe on highways making sudden lane shifts when needed.

    How about another 2x 2 sport coupe/convertible for those of us who do t feel compelled to follow the herd?

  5. There are a number of issues with the current auto industry.

    1. Manufactures are building too many cars.

    2. The average consumer wage has been stagnant for a couple years now.

    3. Longer finance terms.

    4. Subprime bubble.


    If Elon wants to compete in this market, he’ll need to have even deeper funding from Wall Street.

  6. The future is here. Keep producing better electric vehicles, faster, longer battery life, and cheaper in price.

  7. The first company to produce an AFFORDABLE electric vehicle with a 300 mile range is going to make more money than God. It can be done. The tech is here.The factories are here. It’s just that right now an electric car is out of the price range of the normal person. Only a few people can afford an $80,000 electric car like the Tesla.

  8. The smart thing for Tesla is to develop a pickup truck right now. Truck sales are at an all time high even with the ludicrous prices. Build a truck that the average person can afford, including small business operations.

  9. What ever the competitors will come up with will only make Elon Musk very happy considering how advanced are Tesla Products, versus all its competitors.