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TBOOK 4 Ultrathin Light Laptop Notebook – Alternative to Mainstream Powerhouses?


Just like everything else on the market, laptops and notebooks have a higher selling point when they’re backed up by a famous brand. This can sometimes skew the relation between price tag and performance levels. In other words, it becomes easy to dismiss alternatives to popular brands although specifications and performance are matched. One device that wants to prove the world wrong is the TBOOK 4 Ultrathin Light Laptop Notebook. Let’s see if this notebook has what it takes to claims a piece of the laptop market for its own, or is it doomed by its own design to waste in the shadow of its more popular “colleagues”.

It doesn’t offer the best, but it offers just enough to justify its price. You can even get it at a discount on TomTop, thanks to this coupon code:

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Final price: $235.99


The device comes with a 14.1 inch display, which is smaller than the standard 15.6 inch we’ve grown accustomed to. Nevertheless, maybe the smaller display might help get a better picture quality. The max resolution for this screen is 1920 x 1080, which is great.

Interior performance

Taking a look at what’s under the hood will gain you a peek at the notebook’s Intel Quad Core N3450 processing unit. It’s not the best in the biz, but it surely is a good unit for a device that doesn’t compete with the likes of Asus or Lenovo in terms of price tags.

There is also the Intel HD Graphics 500, which is a pretty good integrated graphics card. Of course, an integrated card won’t dish out nearly as good of a performance as you’d wish, but do keep in mind that this isn’t a gaming laptop. It isn’t a top tier laptop for that matter either, although it could serve as a fine substitute when on a budget.

There are also a total of 6 GB of RAM, which is more than what some laptops provide today. You can do great with 4 GB still nowadays, but pushing it to 6 GB of RAM helps this laptop maintain a certain fine line in terms of its position on the market and just how viable it is. It’s not one of the 8 GB of RAM models offered by the competition, but once again, the price speaks for itself.

Battery life

Battery life is very important. It determines how useful a notebook is and also how reliable it can be. A laptop that drains out its battery just when “challenged” with simple apps and tasks can’t be trusted in an environment where you have to handle a lot of “heavy lifting”, from a digital perspective.

There’s also the matter of pricing, which has been mentioned a couple of times. And for a third time, it’s important to note that the price tag is one of this device’s biggest advantages.