Legendary Lugia Comes Back In Pokemon GO, Today – Here’s How To Capture Lugia

The legendary old-school Lugia comes back in Pokemon GO! After the raid boss change lately, Lugia the Legendary Pokemon of the 2nd Generation is back as Raid Boss in the specific arena. Here is how to capture Lugia and what’s new about Lugia.

Lugia comes back in Pokemon GO with a new attack move

Niantic offered only a few details besides that Lugia will be present in the game starting from today and until April 2nd.

Also, Niantic said Lugia will be equipped with a new attack move – Sky Attack.

How to capture Lugia

To capture Lugia pokemon you have to start by beating it first but that’s not an easy task!

As you must fight it during legendary coop raids, you must first bring a raid pass (free or purchased with Poke coins).

Do not expect to defeat a legendary character by yourself, even with a superpowered Pokemon that would be a perfect match for Lugia. Beating and capturing the Legendary Pokemon is not easy, so get organized with other players.

Also, carry many healing items as the battle you’ll get into will be very is tough.

Once the fight has started, think about dodging because the attacks of the legendary Lugia can be devastating, so it is better to avoid them as much as possible.

Once beaten, the capturing of Lugia is not yet finished!

Lugia has a base capture chance of 2%, that is to say, that we will have to launch many Poke Balls to capture them or even fight them several times, despite the fact that you will be eligible for only one free coop ride a day.

One technique that improves the chances of catching the legendary Lugia is sending a Poke Ball stack in the circle and so you’ll increase by 12% the chances of successfully catching Lugia.

In conclusion, from today, March 16th, until April 2nd, Lugia comes back in Pokemon GO but how to capture Lugia is only a matter of techniques and chances. Prepare for a tough battle, of course!

Pokemon GO – Final Days For Catching Rayquaza

Players who still haven’t managed to catch Rayquaza might want to act fast. The new Legendary Pokemon will only appear for 2 more days, so this is your last chance before it disappears.


Friday, March 16th is the last day where you will be able to find and fight a Rayquaza in a Raid Battle, at a Gym. Like the other Legendary Pokemon in the game, only a team of players can battle it, each player will only be able to capture it after it has been defeated in said Raid Battle.

Even though it is one of the most powerful Legendaries, Rayquaza is very weak to Ice-type attacks because of its Dragon&Flying type. Therefore, it is advised players bring an Ice-type Pokemon to the fight, such as Lapras.


After Kyogre and Groudon appeared earlier this year in the game in Raid Battles, Rayquaza is the third Generation 3 Legendary to appear in the game. As part of Legendary Week, the first two were added back into the game for a short period of time and players would get a different reward based on which Legendary was defeated the most during that time.

Thanks to the Legendary Week, until March 16th, players can hatch eggs faster. Specifically, eggs of Pokemon that spawn in windy condition, like Bagon for example. Additionally, Raid Battles also contain Pokemon that prefer wind. Bonus XP is just icing on top of the cake for players until March 16th.

The Next Event

March 25th marks the beginning of the third Pokemon Go Community Day event. As usual, it will be activated for 3 hours. In this time, players have a change to capture a special Bulbasaur that knows a move it can not learn in the game by normal means. Unfortunately we do not know what this move is yet.

Will you be able to catch the ominous Rayquaza in the remaining 2 days? What do you think? Tell us in the comments down below! As always, stay tuned for more Pokemon GO news!

Pokemon GO – Gen 4 Might Be Released in June

There might not have been enough time since Niantic launched Generation 3 Pokemon in the game for trainers to catch them all, but people are still waiting the next generation. Even though there is no official release date, the fourth generation of Pokemon is expected to arrive soon.

Release schedule

The handheld games took years in-between new generation releases, however Pokemon GO already has all the ideas and assets, so of course we will get new Pokemon in the game quicker. The mobile game started with only Gen 1, then Gen 2 was released in February-March 2017 and finally the first selection of Gen 3 in July-August. The release of the whole third generation is still ongoing.

Niantic has changed their schedule for releasing new Pokemon, though, however a new batch should be here really soon. According to the release calendar, Niantic will probably start teasing Generation 4 in May or June and then mass release it in June/July. If not, though, then surely it will happen by August or September.

New Evolutions

The Generation 4 release is smaller than the previous generations because of all the new evolutions to already-existing Pokemon from all 3 previous generations. Therefore, the following evolutions will be able to happen.

  • Eevee → Leafeon/Glaceon
  • Magneton → Magnezone
  • Electabuzz → Electivire
  • Magmar → Magmortar
  • Lickitung → Lickilicky
  • Tangela → Tangrowth
  • Rhydon → Rhyperior
  • Aipom → Ambipom
  • Gligar → Gliscor
  • Misdreavus → Mismagius
  • Murkrow → Honchcrow
  • Piloswine → Mamoswine
  • Sneasel → Weavile
  • Togetic → Togekiss
  • Porygon 2 → Porygon-Z
  • Yanma → Yanmega
  • Dusclops → Dusknoir
  • Kirlia (male) → Gallade
  • Roselia → Roserade
  • Nosepass → Probopass
  • Snorunt (female) → Froslass

Release date & Upcoming event

Keep in mind that there is no official announcement from Niantic regarding Generation 4 getting released in the timeframe we said, so even though chances are quite high, there is always the slight possibility we are wrong with the prediction.

Anyhow, while waiting, players can enjoy a new Community Day event! On March 25th, from 11 AM EST to 5 PM EST, Pokemon GO fans will be able to capture a rare Pokemon that knows a unique special move!

When do you think Generation 4 will go live? Will you be participating in the event? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! As always, stay tuned for more news regarding Pokemon GO!


Pokemon GO Update – Hotfix For Last Update

Earlier this week, a new bugfix update for Pokemon GO on Android was released. Even though that update improved upon the game’s connection to the Pokemon GO Plus (Users report it is now a lot faster!), it also made it so all times in the game were now set to the UTC timezone instead of each player’s local time.

At first people thought it was an anti-cheat measure, but this presents another issue. Because all times in the game were set to one single format, players on one side of the world would be alerted of events happening at midnight or extremely early in the morning, which is unreasonable.

Yesterday morning, Niantic released an update for the Android version of Pokemon GO (version 0.93.4) which fixes the time zone issue. Players who update from 0.93.3 to 0.93.4 should see their time and timezone displayed correctly.

Thanks to Niantic’s update philosophy of always releasing them in increments to a small number of players first as a test (and then if something goes wrong, it can be reverted), not everyone was affected by this.

Several other code changes from 0.93.3 were reverted too, however what exactly was changed is unclear. If we are to believe dataminers, 0.93.4 removed the previous changes to QR codes, code libraries and the errors linked to Pokemon Trainers Club authentication.

The same as 0.93.3, this Pokemon GO update does not contain any changes pertaining to gameplay, like features or events. That includes the “quests”, code that was added to Pokemon GO some time ago but removed after a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, a small number of players are reporting frequent crashes and “Device not compatible” errors that started with 0.93.3 and haven’t seem to be quite fixed in 0.93.4. Let us hope for a 0.93.5 getting released ASAP!

You should be notified of the new Pokemon GO update on the Play Store very soon! Were you affected by the change? Tell us down in the comments, and stay tuned for more information related to Pokemon GO!


Jurrassic World Alive – Could This Be The New Pokemon GO?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjVdN44mXj4]

Based on the success of the 2015 movie and the hype for the upcoming movie in June, Universal Studios in collaboration with the video game developers at Ludia are releasing Jurrassic World Alive, a brand new mobile game!

Similarly to the mechanics of Pokemon GO, players of Jurrassic World Alive will be able to stroll around the real world and gather 100 exclusive species of prehistoric reptiles and even splice their genes together to create their own unique breeds! This all works on the same concept based on Augmented Reality. We do not know, sadly, what this game’s version of pokeballs will be.

What this game brings new to the table is that players don’t have to run around as much! Reportedly there exists a mechanic that allows you to create a small friendly robot. This virtual companion will scan the surrounding area for dinosaurs in your place. Don’t think you can just sit at home forever and let everything come to you, though, because you are still going to need to go out and hunt for in-game currency and batteries for said drone.

Another difference from Pokemon GO is that you will actually be able to battle other players using the dinosaurs you catch. That much is confirmed, though the development team hasn’t given us any further information on how exactly this will work.

Reportedly the game will be released for Android and iPhone and iPad devices sometime this spring, possibly synchronized somehow with the release of the new movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

In our opinion, this is a welcome change of pace, since this might be the first decent tribute to Pokemon GO to appear, and after such a long time since the original Augmented Reality game showed up. It seems like 2018 will give us plenty of options with Jurassic World Alive and the upcoming Ghostbusters and Harry Potter AR games.

If we’ve made you curious (hopefully we have!), you can register over at JurassicWorldAlive.com and be alerted when the game gets released or stay tuned and we will inform you as soon as possible! In the meanwhile, you can tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Pokemon Go 0.93.3 Update Spotted by Dataminers

Even though Pokemon fans are still busy gathering all the rewards and bonuses they got during the Legendary Week, it seems like Niantic is keen on keeping them entertained because a brand-new update is scheduled to come out. The update features the “0.93.3” version number and dataminers are saying that it is solely focused on improving the game’s stability and adding bug fixes.

Pokemon Go 0.93.3 Update

As previously mentioned, this update was spotted by dataminers who were able to find out a little bit of information about it. Even though the update might not include any new and groundbreaking features, fans should still be eager to get it because it introduces a handful of bug fixes that will improve Pokemon Go’s overall performance.

“We are seeing massive shifts in the code base, with various tracing plugins being added and removes. More than anything else, the 0.93.3 update is dedicated to bug fixes and refactoring – the process of reworking the already existing code base” said the folks from the Pokemon Go Hub which specialize in datamining.

Singe Player Quests

One of the most important things that dataminers have managed to spot in previous codes is information about single player quests. This leak got everyone hyped up because singe player quests would surely make the game a lot more fun to play. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this upcoming update is going to introduce this highly anticipated feature.

Legendary Week

On another note, Pokemon Go fans can keep themselves busy with the latest event that Niantic released. The Legendary Week event got players to fight against Groudon and Kyogre, which are now removed from the game.

Now that Groudon and Kyogre are no longer, Niantic is going to reward players for fighting them off with increased spawn rates for windy weather Pokemon such as Slowpoke, Bagdon and Abra.

New Pokemon Go Bonuses and Community Event are Now Unveiled

After ten days of fun for Pokemon Go fans, the Legendary Week is now over. With the Legendary Week over, Niantic Labs decided to share the results that players managed to achieve during the ten day event. The report published by Niantic Labs is showing that Pokemon Go players defeated the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza more than Kyogre and Groudon.

Windy Pokemon

With that being said, Pokemon Go players should know that windy weather Pokemon will have a higher spawn rate than usual. Starting today, Pokemon that like windy weather such as Bagon for example will have a higher chance to spawn and hatch from Eggs. Not only that, but Raid Battles will also be packed with windy weather Pokemon.

Rayquaza is Leaving the Game

The time period in which windy weather Pokemon will spawn at higher rates is between March 6th and March 16th. In case you didn’t know, March 16th is an important date for Pokemon Go players because it will mark Rayquaza’s departure from the game.

However, Pokemon Go players will still be able to fight against the Legendary Dragon type Pokemon in Gyms and Raid Battles until 16th March comes around. On the other hand, Kyogre and Groudon cannot be found in Gyms and Raid Battles anymore.

Pokemon Go Community Day

Another important event that’s going to take place in the upcoming future is Pokemon Go Community Day. This event is scheduled to take place on March 25th and it is guaranteed to feature a rare Pokemon.

Therefore, players should make sure to try and catch that rare Pokemon during the event because they are not going to get another chance.

Niantic Labs also mentioned that the upcoming rare Pokemon will know a special move type that no other Pokemon does. The special move has yet to be unveiled, but it’s surely going to be powerful.

Pokémon GO and Crypto Hunt – What’s Next In The Game?

No one can really deny the success of Pokémon GO, nor its impact on mobile games. As it turns out, the game manages to be a source of inspiration even know.

Crypto Hunt is one of the unexpected outcomes. The game will reunite two popular things: the idea behind Pokémon GO and cryptocurrency. Crypto Hunt is supposed to become the game we all wished for. Tasks completed in the game will reward the player real money. Sounds good? Let’s see what we have so far.

Fixing the mistakes of the past

Not only that Crypto Hunt is inspired by Pokémon GO, but the games aims to fix all the issues that existed with the AR hit. “We believe the greatest downfall of Pokémon GO was their lack of preparation for the adoption that took place upon release. Our support is poised and ready for mass adoption,” explained Michael McGehee, assistant director of marketing at Crypto Hunt.

Crypto Hunt is anticipating the high demand and it claims that it is prepared for it, which is something that Pokémon GO did not do. Back in 2016 when Pokémon GO was launched, the game became instantly popular, and server issues soon started to appear.

So far we only have a demo version for the game, and from what it seems, the game does resemble Pokemon Go. This app will have a virtual avatar as well, and players will be able to solve quests by walking around the city.

Crypto Hunt might become the next hit, and players will receive tokens will real value for answering questions. A Visa Crypto Hunt will also become available so that players can cash out what they earn. The final version of the game will be launched this summer, in June.

Pokemon Go Gen 4 Will Arrive Sooner Than Expected

Pokemon fans who enjoy playing the handheld versions of the game know that they need to wait a couple of years between every new generation of Pokemon. As annoying as this might be, the waiting is totally worth it because every new generation includes fun Pokemon and cool experiences. However, Pokemon Go fans might not have to wait that long until they receive the fourth generation of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Fourth Generation

Even though Pokemon Go was released back in July 2016 and the developers still have to finish rolling out all third generation Pokemon, there are some solid reasons why the fourth generation might not that be that far away.

The first thing we need to mention is that Pokemon Go is totally different from all other Pokemon games. The reason why the developers took years in between each Pokemon generations on the previous games is because they basically needed to create a new game. This obviously takes lots of time and funding.

Fourth Generation is Close

On the other hand, Pokemon Go’s developers don’t need to create anything else than the fourth generation of Pokemon. This is the advantage that Pokemon Go has over other version of the game.

The developers only need to introduce the new Pokemon and this might happen sooner than expected because they don’t have to deal with development issues that rise up when creating a new game.

If we take a look at the way Niantic Labs releases updates, we will notice that there’s a time span of 6-7 months in between each major update. The reason why Niantic does this is because it wants to keep refreshing the game and to keep players interested. With that being said, the fourth generation of Pokemon will likely drop in the summer.

Third Pokemon Go Community Day Details Have Just Been Revealed

Just recently, the second Pokemon Go Community Day episode has ended. However, Niantic, the Pokemon Go developers published features and the date for the next Pokemon Go Community Day event.

Pokemon Go is a game developed by Niantic and it has been a whole frenzy surrounding this game, since it has been launched in July 2016. However, the game is very appreciated and popular, especially among kids and teenagers.

The third Pokemon Go Community Day date and features

According to Niantic announcement, the third Pokemon Go Community Day will start on March 25th. Similar to the previous two Community Days episodes, the next one will also be available for three hours, from 2 PM EST (11 AM PST) to 5 PM EST (2 PM PST).

Also, just like in the first two Community Day events, Pokemon Go fans will compete to obtain a limited Pokemon character that will also come with a special move.

Niantic, however, did not give any details about the special move that will be available for the next month’s Pokemon Go Community Day episode.

Fortunately, Niantic announced that the highlighted Pokemon character during the next Community Day episode will be a Green-type Bulbasaur.

Players can get Legendary Pokemon characters before the next Community Day

Even though more features and details of the next Community Day event will be announced in the period prior to the event, there are some known aspects. There will be extra Bulbasaur spawns and, during the Pokemon Go Community Day event, the gamers will triple their XP points when catching a Pokemon.

However, until the third Pokemon Go Community Day is on, Pokemon Go fans can grab the Legendaries Groudon and Kyogre to their Pokemon squads by March 5th. Even more, until March 16th, another Legendary character can be grabbed, namely, Rayquaza.

The Pokemon Go Community Day has been available for the first time in January, while the second one, was carried on February 24th.