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T.I. & Tiny Got Cozy On Exotic Getaway For Her Birthday In St. Lucia — Is Their Romance Back On?


It looks like Tiny’s birthday wish came true! The only thing that she wanted was to spend some quality time with T.I. which was exactly what happened on their romantic getaway to St. Lucia. Is it possible that their romance could be back on?

Tiny can have whatever she wants! T.I spoiled the birthday girl. On her big celebration which is what she wished for.

The divorcing couple was caught snuggling in St. Lucia on July 15.

As the Xscape singer lounged by the pool in her sexiest Ivory swimsuit, T.I. held his head on her lap in a pair of baggy pants and a white tank top.

So much PDA from the lovebird wasn’t seen for a very long time until now. This really draws the question if they’re still going through with the divorce.

When it comes to birthday wishes, most people dream of getting a new car or some very expensive jewelry but this is not the case with Tiny.

The only thing that she wanted for her birthday this year was to spend some quality time with T.I. and their children and this is what she got.

The rapper went above and beyond to shower her with love despite the ongoing divorce.

He surprised her at home with an amazing bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne.

‘Thank you, trouble man for this beautiful flower arrangement and champagne and nice message here,’ Tiny said in her video. ‘Thank U Big Daddy.’

It looks like they’re back to using pet names now?! Something is definitely up!

The hip-hop star also sent Tiny a heartfelt message on social media that explains their unbreakable bond.


‘As a couple, we’ve experienced some of the greatest moments in our lives together & burnt a hole in a bunch of big bags of money, in some of the most beautiful places in the world.’ We really hope that they don’t sign the divorce papers and give love a second chance!