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Stellar Lumens (XLM) Might See a Price Surge


Everybody heard about the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum but despite their huge popularity among stock investors, they are not necessarily the only altcoins that are worth our attention. For example, many experts believe that Stellar Lumens (XLM) is going to be the “next big thing” in 2018 and everyone has the chance to turn a profit by investing a couple hundreds of dollars.

Stellar Lumens XLM

Although, we need to disclaim that people need to invest money on their own account and that we are not enforcing anyone to do this because the crypto market is highly volatile and things can go south in no time. Moving on, Stellar Lumens was initially launched n 2014 and its purpose is to facilitate cross-asset transfers of value, payments included.

Stellar Lumens is a distributed, hybrid blockchain that is completely open-source and it basically transfers money over the globe while guarantying speed, reliability and safety. In addition, Stellar Lumens charges for a really small fee that amounts to fractions of a cent through its XLM token.

While it might seem like Stellar Lumens is basically another Bitcoin since it offers the same things, its not exactly the case. Stellar is valued at $0.677323 per XLM token as of now and its market cap is measured in at over $12 billion.

New Investors

This rather affordable price is what makes Stellar Lumen so appealing to new investors because every can afford to buy a couple hundreds of tokens which have a high chance of turning a profit in the upcoming future. The entire capitalization for the cryptocurrency market sits at more than $708 billion and thousands of new accounts are being created everyday on exchange markets such as Coinbase.

The reason why this mattes to Stellar Lumens investors is because the price is surely going to skyrocket one the new investors start putting in some money. The entire world is on board the hype train for the cryptocurrency market and we can be sure the market’s value will reach one trillion in 2018.